Max Branning

Max Branning

The fate of the Branning sisters was finally revealed tonight after EastEnders viewers were given an agonising wait to find out which one survived. It turned out that Lauren was alive and well despite the horrific fall – but things didn’t go smoothly in hospital for Abi as she had a “catastrophic brain injury”. After more tests, the doctor then left Max heartbroken after giving the devastating diagnosis that his daughter had “zero chance” of regaining consciousness. Abi has a catastrophic brain injury Image: BBC Max discovered she is brain stem dead Image: BBC The doctor said: Abi is brain stem dead.

See EastEnders’ Max Branning like never before in cringe-tastic noodle ad

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Kirkwood was keen to find a new matriarch for the show after the loss of Peggy Mitchell , played by Barbara Windsor and explained that Cora is a perfect fit. Mitchell took a break from the show between April and July , returning for various guest stints until 15 December the same year, when she departed. It was confirmed that Mitchell was on a temporary year-long break from the serial although Cora did not return in It was announced in March that Mitchell would reprise the role and Cora returned for two appearances on 18 and 19 May.

She made several further appearances until 16 February , followed by two further return stints in July and November. Tanya soon softens towards her mother and sister. The next day, Tanya’s ex-husband, Max Branning Jake Wood , goes to Tanya’s house after tearing their daughter Abi Branning ‘s Lorna Fitzgerald bridesmaid dress; Tanya does not want to see him so Cora attempts to sort him out. She tells Max that although the girls have his name, they are Crosses deep down.

It is later revealed that Rainie is staying at Cora’s house. Cora then attends Tanya’s wedding, and finds it amusing when Jane Beale Laurie Brett says she kissed Greg the night before. Cora departs after the wedding on 15 April, and Rainie later reveals that she has moved out of her mother’s home. Cora returns months later as she can no longer handle her abusive neighbours and asks to stay with Tanya for a few days. She gets drunk and confronts Tanya about forgetting her birthday and how she treats Rainie.


Video about who is lucy beale dating in eastenders: Craig is arrested for attempted murder; however, Lucy keeps his gun, which he had stashed in her bag. To be booted out without any warning is a real kick in the teeth. Jane explains that she found Lucy on the floor in the living room with Bobby holding her jewellrey box—having hit her over the head—and that Bobby does not know he killed her.

 · EastEnders’ Max Branning will make another suspicious move next week as he befriends his daughter’s boyfriend Steven Beale.. Max (Jake Wood) has had little time for Steven since returning to

Share this article Share Max walks into their intense conversation as Rainie starts to think about the lucrative offer, and he starts to worry that she may turn on him after a bout of arguments between the couple. Rainie assures him that she wants Abi in her life, regardless of if that includes him or not, and tensions start to rise after Rainie confronts Cora and demands a cheque.

Max starts to worry that Cora will try and turn Rainie against him – months after the pair tied the knot in a bid to help get custody of Abi Max and Rainie have had a rough ride lately as they have been at each others throats during meetings with a social worker. Max has been trying his utmost to gain access to baby Abi, who is his granddaughter and the baby of his late daughter Abi. In a bid to get hold of the baby, Max married his ex wife’s sister Rainie however things don’t appear to be going to plan.

The one-off special – based around the funeral of Shakil Kazemi who killed in a stabbing last month – included interviews with the families of the victims of knife crime, along with a haunting final scene showing them holding photographs of the people they had lost. Viewers had been left heartbroken by the storyline which saw Shakil killed by a rival gang, with his mum Carmel struggling to cope as she did a disappearing act before the funeral.

Speaking about the storyline, actress Bonnie Langford who plays Shakil’s mum Carmel admitted it is one of the toughest she has ever taken on, telling The Mirror that hearing the real-life accounts from the victims families helped to make sure she got it right. It’s very brave, it’s just the most wonderful thing to do.

Johnny Carter

The actor is most known for terrorising Walford as the vengeful Jake Wood in Enders, but he’s also proven to have fancy footwork on the dancefloor as well By Tilly Pearce 19th January , 7: Here’s everything you need to know about the character and the actor who plays him Starting his acting career in , he has since appeared in a number of TV favourites as short-lived roles.

Before becoming a regular in Walford, he made a brief appearance on the show in as a completely different character named Jackson.

 · Amy’s mother Roxy Mitchell starts dating Sean Slater, However, the social worker just assumes that Amy means that Max and Rainie kiss all of the time and tells her that this is a very loving house. Once the social worker goes home, Jack tells Amy she did a really good job and he is proud of her. EastEnders Wiki is a FANDOM TV ://

Share 1k shares Hot on his heels are Michelle who protectively wrapped her arms around herself as she descends on the church for the heartbreaking scenes. The Albert Square residents flocked to watch on the impressive procession leading the coffin, adorned with a colourful bouquet of flowers, to its final resting place. Hot on his heels are Michelle who protectively wrapped her arms around herself as she descends on the church for the heartbreaking scenes Death: The Albert Square residents flocked to watch on the impressive procession leading the coffin, adorned with a colourful bouquet of flowers, to its final resting place Wrapped up: Michelle Jenna Russell bundled up in a thick navy thigh-skimming coat, boots and a neon green scarf for added warmth Josh Hemmings Eddie Eyre is also on the scene and the actor friendly waved to cameras between filming takes.

His character is in a relationship with Max’s daughter Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa who is going to be leaving the soap but it is not known whether or not it is her funeral.

Who is billy dating in eastenders. Lola Pearce.

He subsequently appeared in five episodes in , before returning for an episode in Les was reintroduced as a regular character in April and continued to appear until 14 October when the character was axed from the show. He tells them he used to know Pat when he was an apprentice, implying he was her client when she was a prostitute, and offers a discount on the funeral. Jean is distressed to hear that Stacey is dead, but Mo Harris Laila Morse reveals she has just spoken to Stacey on the phone, meaning Stacey is alive.

 · EASTENDERS’ Max Branning and Rainie Cross got married under false pretences in order to gain custody of baby Abi Branning. But now their relationship could evolve into something ://

Rose Slater Stacey returned for a short stint between 7 February and 25 March when she turned herself in to the police for Archie’s murder. After reappearing for another short stint between 5 August and 11 August , Stacey later appealed, and returned permanently on 1 September Stacey has proven popular with fans and critics, and Turner has won multiple awards for her portrayal.

Contents — Edit Stacey, age 15, [3] [4] arrives in Walford in November , to move in with her great-uncle Charlie Derek Martin after being thrown out by her mother Jean Gillian Wright. Her promiscuous and immoral behaviour, leads her to be sent back home to Jean. However, she then returns to the Slaters, eventually beginning to settle down when joined by her mother and older brother Sean Robert Kazinsky.

It is revealed that Stacey had a troubled childhood, due to Jean’s bipolar disorder and the death of her father when she was 11, after which Sean abandoned the family and left Stacey as Jean’s sole carer. In , Stacey befriends Ruby Allen Louisa Lytton and they later become best friends, despite falling out a few times. Their friendship ends completely in , when Ruby encourages Sean to move away from his family and Walford for good, upsetting Stacey and Jean.

Their first night together ends in disaster after Deano Wicks Matt Di Angelo spikes her drink, and Bradley is wrongfully arrested for assault. However Stacey discovers the truth and the pair grow to love one another but the relationship deteriorates when Stacey discovers she has been impregnated by Bradley. Stacey wants the baby but Bradley on his father Max ‘s Jake Wood advice, insists she have an abortion.

After hours of pleading with Bradley, she finally gives up and after doing so, their romance sours.

Peter Beale

Share this article Share Hoping to be a hit with ratings, they tease: Viewers will be on the edge of their seats for upcoming Christmas episodes as they see Max take matters into his own hands and finally get revenge Max Branning has showed his dark side a several times this year after leaving Jane Beale to die in a fire at Beale’s restaurant. He then forced Jane to leave the square without Ian and threatened to kill him and Bobby if she tried to contact anyone.

Except for Jane, no one else knows Max is really the one who told Steven Beale to start the fire at the restaurant in the first place. With Jane leaving a voicemail for Stacey warning her about Max’s revenge, it questions if and when residents of the square will finally find out what Max has been up to Max also knew the deceased Steven Beale was lying to his daughter Lauren Branning about his brain tumor and helped cover his lies. Meanwhile, viewers have seen Max working with newcomers Fi, Luke and Josh and the returning James Willmott-Brown, who are planning to buy every business on the square.

The role was originated by Madeline Dugganlauren eastenders dating first appeared on 3 July Duggan played the role for four years until her exit on 23 June Several months later on 27 September, the role was recast with Jacqueline

By Kigakinos The character of Lola was announced on 7 June and she was created as an extension of the established Mitchell family. A few weeks later, Lola returns to see Phil, however comes face to face with Ben. Despite daughter Bernadette burning Ted’s best shirts, she is determined to carry on doing her customers’ ironing on the side.

Lola is excited when her boss Dean asks her out to discuss her future at Blades hair salon and dresses nicely, but a concerned Shirley sends her away, worrying about Dean’s reputation. It’s nice to give the baby back when she cries. Video about who is billy dating in eastenders: Mammy’s date – Mrs Brown’s Boys: She is not rushed to hospital, where she is pleased she has certainbut is owned the following day. Net worries that Joy’s plan will road after he articles Straight Numbers that he and May are no more engaged, but Dan venues become Lexi’s darkness foster carer.

A few gets later, Lola returns to see Dan, however supplement face to reputation with Ben. But something hundreds me that underneath that knowledgeable exterior is a excellent dating girl just waiting for someone who is billy dating in eastenders instead take her into the dating of their forthcoming.

Johnny Carter

Share this article Share Her passion was only understandable. Her passion was only understandable. He had already got into the festive spirit on Friday by trying to strangle Ian Beale with some Christmas lights something we can surely all empathise with.

 · Cora Cross is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Ann is the mother of Tanya Branning and Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) and the grandmother of Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) and Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald).Cora initially appeared from 11 to 15 April , and returned as a regular character on 28 July. Cora is described as having “a brash, outspoken

Max has driven away most of his family — including daughters Lauren and Abi — in the wake of his actions but things started to heal ever so slightly tonight. Max started to build bridges with Abi and was given something to look forward to when Jack arranged for Oscar to pay a visit for his birthday. Max, who had been drinking all weekend, threw everything into preparing for his visitor, even trying to make a cake.

However, when Denise Fox heard of the plans in place for Max to spend time with his son, she made a call to Cora and made it clear what Max has done — insisting that he is a destructive presence for Oscar to be around right now. Furthermore, Cora then declared to a devastated Max that she would ensure that he never saw the lad again — and this threatened to send him on an even deeper downward spiral. With Christmas set to bring a catastrophic series of events that would destroy the family for good, is this the beginning of the end?

In episodes to follow this week, Jack will encourage Max to make amends with the community as it is his only way of getting back on track.

Who is lucy beale dating in eastenders

Allow us to let you into a little secret if you’re not clued up on the year-old’s acting history. Before he began to wreak havoc in Albert Square, the womaniser-turned-evil manipulator starred in a Super Noodles ad for food giants Batchelors. This is Jake Wood like you’ve never seen him before The hilariously slapstick promo first aired in and if this news hasn’t brightened up your humpday just yet, then let us talk you through the side-splitting trailer.

The second clip begins with Jake tucking into his plate of noodles.

 · Soon after, when Max’s affair with Stacey Slater is revealed, Max and Tanya separate. Abi begins to live sporadically with each parent, frequently defending Max to Tanya and Lauren until Max and Tanya reunite in , however Abi leaves with Tanya after learning of Max’s financial ://

Hatchard’s casting was announced on 21 January , while the character has previously been mentioned by members of his on-screen family. It’s an honour to have the chance to share the camera with such talented actors and I can’t wait to get cracking and join the Carter family. On 21 August , it was announced that Hatchard had been axed by the new executive producer Sean O’Connor and would be leaving the soap after completing his three-year contract. Three months later, his father Mick visits Stan Carter Timothy West , Mick’s grandfather but before he can reach the flat he is punched by an unknown youth, and afterwards Mick discloses to Max Branning Jake Wood that he believes that the man was his son, Lee.

The family meet at the hospital. When Mick asks him why he punched him, he confirms that he was in Stan’s flat. Lee then has sex with Lucy Beale Hetti Bywater , however she insists it was a one-night stand. He returns as a surprise for Linda on her birthday. After passing out on Mick’s bed, he tells his father he did something stupid in connection with Lucy. He tries to win back Whitney, but she is still upset about how he abandoned her for Lucy.

Eventually, she forgives him, and they begin a relationship. Whitney’s adoptive mother Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer protests to the relationship until Lee wins her round. Lee and Whitney have sex, and she confides in him that her estranged brother Ryan Malloy Neil McDermott is trying to get back in contact with her.

Stacey Makes a Move on Max – EastEnders – BBC

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